From my ipad: finally 21

It kinda blows my mind how I'm finally 21 (it was official June 12th). To be honest, I've been 21 since I got ahold of my older brother's i.d. when I was 18. That turned my whole life around, I got access to places and met friends I would've never met if I didn't have that piece of identification. Luckily, I used it to my advantage and networked like crazy. With that being said, turning 21 wasn't a huge thing for me like it is to most people. I've already been there and done that, while staying as safe as possible. Being 21 now, I've settled down a bit to focus on my career in video editing. Though I'm "focusing on my career", I still don't consider myself an adult. I watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon while eating Pop-Tarts all the time!! I'm pretty sure that's the true ingredient for being a kid, forget an age.