SXSW 2012

It's official, I have finally experienced SXSW.I can't say I fully experienced SXSW, I was out there for work and I didn't really get a chance to check out other events like The Fader Fort, Thrasher House, Super Party, or Vice Kills Texas. I mean that in the most least-bitter way, I loved my trip to Texas!


My job, Cashmere Agency, took me and a few other coworkers out to Texas for SXSW. We had a two day showcase out in Austin called "#TheVIBEHouseSXSW".


Once settling into Austin, the first restaurant we stopped by was Papadeaux.


I ate a ton! I even ate a good amount of alligator!


One of the events I was able to make was the Doritos party. I went to see my uncle, Snoop, perform and hang with coworkers. It was awesome. I've realized, as much as I work with Dogg, I've only seen him perform about 3 times. Craze. Afterward, we went over to the Interscope party. It was pretty wild, I blame the open bar.


Our showcase was awesome! I handled the stage design, stage layout, and the live visuals for it. I may have gotten a bit out of hand when I decided that I wanted 6 displays and four 7ft tall LED bars. Coming from the electro/EDM scene, I secretly wanted our showcase to be a rave. I feel like I accomplished that. I was super stoked to have performers like Kendrick Lamar/Black Hippy, Dogg, Taylor Gang, Timbaland, A$AP Rocky, and tons of other on the stage I decked out.


Super thanks to my job for trusting me with the look and feel of our showcase. Also, thanks to Ilios Lighting Design and Olden Lighting for the labor and equipment! It was fun times.

Time for Coachella :]