Haiti: day one 5/15/2011

Getting out of the states for the first time was definitely one of my new years resolutions, I'm glad that it went through *checks that off the list*. We Melissa (Zodiac USA), Todd (Brown Shoes), and the Brown Shoes team, teamed up with Soles4Souls organization to service shoes out to Haitians at orphanages and schools...

My jaw was fully dropped when we were flying from Miami to Haiti (Port au Prince). I've never flown overseas and I was awaiting my first time stepping in another country.


After going through customs and immigrations with the Sole4Souls crew, we were then on our way to the place that we were going to be sleeping for the next couple of days. I was more than excited to be in a new country, but I then remembered that I wasn't just in any country... I was in Haiti, a third-world country - The poorest country in the western hemisphere.


This wasn't a vacation for me (us) and I had to get that in my head immediately. I'm here to put smiles on kids faces and pick-up a lifestyle that I could share with others once I come back to the states.

Our housing was at MTM aka Mountain Top Ministries. To be honest, I expected us to be living in something less amazing. This was a super nice stay for us. Once arriving to MTM, we were given a rundown on how things were going to go down in Haiti, I was stoked and so was everyone else in the group. Get ready for DAY 2!!