Here comes the king

Last week I contacted my friend Mykola Dosenko, a pixel artist from Ukraine, to see if he wanted to collaborate with me on a project for Snoop Lion. I told him that we had a budget, but only 2 days to work on the project. With 48hrs before delivery, Mykola and I decided that he would design, and I would animate and edit the video. Our workflow was solid, the only thing hindering us was the fact that I live in the US and Mykola was in Ukraine.

We squashed all that by deciding that we weren’t going to sleep. Here’s our product :]

I'm happy with how the vid turned out, especially since it's a lyric video and with the time we were given. This is actually one of my favorite tracks from Snoop Lion project. Super thanks to Mykola for working close with me on this one, we had fun meeting via Google+ during it all.

Shouts to the 10 hour time difference!!