Thanksgiving weekend 2011

Sorry that my Thanksgiving post is a bit on the late side (eeh...)! Thanksgiving was just right this year. I used my 4 day weekend to relax, see loved ones, and grub OUT!!!

My bestfriend Ron came out to LA from Colorado. On Thanksgiving morning we met up to donate food and our time.


We prepped multiple meals so they can be sent out to shelters and the needy.


After my Thanksgiving dinner with my family (sorry no pics), I met up with my buddy @Maxstaar at her place. Instead of going back east for the holidays, Maxstaar decided to stay in LA and make a big home-cooked meal for herself and anyone who wanted to stop by.

It was amazing! Didn't know she was such the chef.

I went over to NRML for Trevor's 26th surprise bday party.

Shouts to Gomez for making me drop my camera! Lulz.