This week I went over to SIGGRAPH  that was being held in Downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center. SIGGRAPH is an international conference and exhibit that concentrates on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Said event exposes a lot of up-and-coming tech that will be booming in the VFX industry in the next couple of years. Being the geek I am, I had to attend to test out the toys!!


I was like a kid in a candy store. There was tons of motion capture tech, tons of augmented reality, tons of 3d scanners, tons of hardware, tons of software, and tons of drool on the floor... I had a blast. Stoked to see that tech is heading in the right direction. For companies that build hardware, they're heavily keeping software in mind by making sure they work hand-in-hand. Plus, I was seeing a lot more consumer-friendly products, which is great for the indies. Super thanks to Intel for the free badges!