Unfinished business

No matter what kind of artist you are, you will always have work of yours that hasn't been fully finished. That could be because you missed deadlines, lost inspiration, or you just got caught up with other work. I've had a couple projects unfinished. They usually start off with full of inspiration and a clear picture but then because of something, it'll slowly die.. die.. BURN!!


In early December I was put on a project for Snoop Dogg's single "Wet". I was pretty stoked to be on such an awesome project for the S-N-double-O-P himself. Matter of fact, I was so stoked, that I created something that couldn't be fully made with the equipment that I had.


With all concepts approved and everything animated, I then had to render out multiple HD shots to stylize and edit. Unfortunately, to render out those clips, I would need a lot more power than expected. My graphics card on my 3 year old iMac and on my 1 year old Macbook Pro, just wasn't powerful enough to output everything on time, which meant that I couldn't deliver the product by it's deadline :/...


Fall 2010, I was approached by Fox Searchlight to recreate an intro for an anniversary event they were throwing. The intro would consist of movie posters(movies that were created under Fox Searchlight) that would fly in and swoosh and stuff (not going to explain the full concept). That didn't reeeeaaally work out. I had a pretty cool concept but certain things didn't go through. The picture above is probably the only one concept pic I can show, since I'm under a couple of contracts and stuff...


This is a project that's on hold, meaning that it's not unfinished. I'm working with André (RAC) for some fun collab goodness. The thing is, we are both busy with work and work. So we'll see if this one gets finished in 2011.