Instagram'd - 2012 instamoments

[start with upper-left then, down, middle, upper-right, down. Same with lower half]

1. The year started with a separation… Luckily, I was comforted by 2 of my closest friends and some healthy food from Tender Greens.

2. I was commissioned by The Hundreds to help coordinate their G-Shock event with performances by Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy!

3. Half of 2012 was dedicated to a TV show on Mnet. That’s all I gotta say about that.

4. I handled our stage production at our SXSW event. It was my first time in Texas, too!

5. I worked Coachella 2 years ago. But this year I worked both weekends, which is a lot harder than one! I still regret not hitting on Rihanna when we were watching A$AP Rocky… Together.

6. For my 22nd birthday, I went to NY for the first time with my best friend.

7. Instagram selfies w/ @SnoopDogg never gets old.

8. That interesting September when I dated a Japanese popstar?? It was very interesting.

9. Found a new <3 4 ramen this year.

10. My last big project of the year was w/ Red Bull and Alexander Spit. Can’t believe they let me bring in those LED walls.

Here are a couple of my unforgettable instamoments of 2012. Thank you for all for following me through this year, it’s been an awesome journey.

I’m incredibly excited for 2013, it’s going to be epic.

See you guys there!