Sunday shoot 8/19/12

Last weekend I partnered up with my team over at RudeTOON Records to work on a music video for Marvel the Gr8's next single, "Sippin'". We linked with William Carnahan for direction on the vid and Sam Shimizu-Jones for camera work. They brought over their team to help with production, I handled dumping the footage from the Scarlet since I will be editing the footage.


Our friend, Sean, who produced the song, was kind enough to let us shoot at his place in Los Feliz.

Our camera of choice was the RED Scarlet. We shot 2k for most of the shoot(and some 4k stuff here and there).


When I wasn't on set, I was on my laptop reviewing shots, backing up footage, and prepping the clips for the transcoding process. Losing our footage is the last thing we would want to happen.


We had the RudeTOON cat, Mini Kitty aka Taco aka Gracie, on set with us as well!!!


The shoot went incredibly well. Our team was on point!

Our cast was awesome too!


It was great working with all our friends on this one. Usually I'm stuck in the office working on projects, so I forget how much fun it is to work with your good buddies on set. It was super fun times, thanks to everyone for their hard work!!!