Tech week



At the beginning of the week my new computer came in. Once again, I saved some cash here and there over summer to get a 27" 3.4 quad-core i7 iMac. Since it's going to probably be my last desktop (laptops are getting mad powerful, yo!), I wanted to max it out when it came to specs.

Later in the week,  my new internal HDD came for my Macbook Pro. I was running out of space on my 320GB internal, so I decided to up-it-up by getting a 750gb(7200rpm) HDD. I'm a huge fan of doing my own repairs/upgrades/installations, so I whipped out the torx screwdrivers and went to work. In the beginning of the process, I had to clone my main internal to my new one. I chose to use Super Duper (it's free!!!) for that job, which worked w/o a problem.