Hi touchpad

About two weeks ago HP announced that they would be discontinuing their HP TouchPad tablet. A day or so after this was announced, said tech corporation slashed the price of it's tablet dramatically! Once news hit the interwebs, geeks all around were adding this piece of technology to their virtual carts... Including myself...


Today I got a nice package in the mail today from Hewlett Packard... I know that I'm a huge Apple fanboy/geek/groupie, but I had to grab the HP TouchPad when I heard about it's price drop. I'm a sucker for great technology and software, so I knew it was something I could use for productivity.


I love the look, feel, and flow of the TouchPad. Compared to other tablets I've used in the past that weren't the iPad, I was pretty surprised how well it performed. Hardware aside, the operating system is pretty bau5 (boss). Props to Palm(creator) for building such an incredible piece of software, No-props to HP for kinda giving up (maybe? we'll see...). The OS works well with the TouchPad's hardware. A lot of companies forget that software and hardware MUST go hand-in-hand and the TouchPad's hardware WORKS with WebOS. Overall, it's an awesome peiece of technology. I really hope it's given another chance, because it really does have potential.