MDBP 2012

Mad Decent wrapped up the summer with their block party that was presented by Puma. After taking the party to Toronto, Philly, New York, and Chicago, the yearly party had finally landed for it's last stop in Los Angeles...

After Jim-E Stack, Dexter Tortoriello of Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross helped warm up the incoming crowd.


This was my first time seeing Riff Raff perform. Funny, because he was definitely at the office I work at a couple of weeks back.


Say sups to Jason and Maxstaar!


Want to get the ladies? Jump in the Mad Decent taco suit!


Casey Veggies has been a buddy of mine since high school. Great to see him grow into the artist he is now. YNM.


Bonde Do Role brought the Brazilian Funk to LA. They also poured milk on everyone...

Say hi to Jasmine, she's an awesome photographer. And you already know my buddy, Rony. Check out his newly designed site!

Friends everywhere!!!

Munchi's new stuff destroyed the crowd!


Girl with bun filming stuff? <33333333


I don't even know....


I ran into my buddy, Caroline [Flaunt], right before Theophilus jumped on stage!


Oh hey, Theo...


As weird as it may sound, I believe this was my first time seeing Theophilus London perform... I think? Either way, he showed everyone a good time!!

Super thanks to everyone who worked on the block party, it's awesome seeing a bunch of buddies work together to put on a free show for the people who support their music!!!