Opening weekend 6/25-26/2011

Summer is finally here, hopefully that means that LA will stop looking all gloomy. Luckily, the opening weekend to Summer wasn't a gloomy one at all. Since I was free from work, I had the opportunity to enjoy the Cali sunshine with friends.

Saturday - The Standard

My Saturday was spent on the rooftop of The Standard. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to splash it up in the pool because I forgot my swimming trunks. Good thing none of my friends went swimming.



Most of us were here to see this guy, Doc P, mix it uuuup!! Do you guys know Rachel aka Maxstaar? Get familiar.

Sunday - Skeet Skeet Music Video Shoot

Let's just say that my buddy, Trevor aka DJ Skeet Skeet, had a 200ft slip N slide for his music video shoot!!

Wild times.

Had a blast this weekend, I made sure to stay out for most of it. Now I gotta prep for a 12hr shoot with Snoop. See ya laters!!