Mobile flicks: Coachella 2011

"First of all, I wanna thank my connect. The most important person with all due Respect"

Gotta say a huge thank you to the peeps that helped me get a Coachella ticket. Like a lot of people, I didn't get to purchase my $310 of fun before they sold out (in 6 days of being on sale!!!). Luckily, I had a buddy who knew a buddy at Golden Voice who hooked it up. Thanks again, I really appreciate. Camping 3 days in the scorching sun is never easy, good thing Coachella provided amazing music and art to shade the harsh rays during the epic weekend. Unfortunately, the only coverage I got this year of Coachella was with my iPhone. Staff was being tough on peeps having a DSLR, so I saved myself time and left my cam in the car all weekend. With that being said, check out my 3rd year (in a row) at Coachella via my iPhone.